SAP Innovation ForumApril 4 | Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen
Webinar: Navigating a World filled with Cyber AttacksSeptember 5 | Online webinar
Conference: IDC IT Security 201720 September 2017 | Industriens Hus
NNIT Speaker at ISPE Nordic Affiliate ConferenceSeptember 21 | Lundbeck, Valby
Robotics Process AutomationOctober 3 2017 | Søborg
Webinar: EU GDPR Solution DesignNovember 14 | Webinar
GDPR Solution DayFebruary 7, 2018 | Søborg
Veeva R&D Summit, EuropeJune 12-14 | Barcelona
Webinar: Can your company keep up with complex compliance tasks?June 21 | Webinar
Red Hat Forum
Getting ready for EU MDR​October 2 | Webinar
High Tech SummitOctober 10-11 | DTU
24th Annual Validation WeekOct 22-24 | San Diego, CA
NNIT Cybersecurity SeminarNovember 1st 8.30-12.30 | Søborg November 6th 8.30-12.30 | Århus
IDC CxO DirectionJanuary 23 | Copenhagen​
Webinar: Mixed Reality - How can it drive digitalization?February 28, 2019 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CET | Online
Workshop: Hands-on experience on data integrity and validation of computer systemsMarch 28 | Atrium, Lersø Parkallé 101, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
SAP on AzureApril 10 | Søborg
Webinar: Digital at ScaleMay 27, 2019 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CET | Online
TEDx Human Being - Being HumanJune 1 | Frederiksberg
PCS 2019 / 2nd China Pharmaceutical CIO Summit22-23 Aug | Shanghai University of Science and Technolog
Veeva R&D Summit, North AmericaSeptember 8-10 | Philadelphia, PA
Webinar: ​Digitalize compliance processes in laboratories and accelerate efficiencySeptember 11 | 3 - 3:30 PM CEST
Seminar: EDI is dead – long live EDI5 September | Aarhus 19 September | Søborg
Seminar: From idea to full ignitionOctober 9 |Søborg

SAP Innovation Forum

​​​​Join NNIT on the SAP Innovation Forum and learn how we can help you and your company​ face the Digital Transformation.

We are excited to welcome you ​​to our booth where we will share our experiences with helping companies face the Digital Transformation.

We will also provide information on our upcoming SAP seminars and how to sign up for these.

See you​ on April 4 in Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen.​

Sign up here

Webinar: Navigating a World filled with Cyber Attacks

Lately, media coverage has been influenced by the cyber attacks that have affected a number of global businesses around the World.

As the world is becoming increasingly digitally connected, we will see more attacks happening, and they will become increasingly sophisticated. So how do we prepare ourselves, and is it at all possible to be fully prepared?

Join this webinar to learn from Christian Dinesen, Hacker at NNIT, about the nature of the recent cyber attacks, what enterprises can do to protect themselves, and what we can expect for the future. Christian will also share some of the main takeaways from the World’s largest hacker event; Defcon.

Please sign up for the webinar here.


  • The recent cyber attacks
  • Cyber attack preparedness
  • What can we expect for the future?
  • Takeaways from Defcon – the World's largest hacker conference
  • Q&A

September 5, 2017
3.00-3.45 PM CEST | 9.00-9.45 AM EST

Christian Dinesen, Hacker, Cyber Defense Center, NNIT

If you have any questions, please contact Nicoline Liu Poulsen at

Conference: IDC IT Security 2017

​​The IDC Security Conference will help you navigate the IT security jungle and ensure that you as an IT Security Officer can be at the forefront and provide business security - at the terms of your business.

You can read more about the conference here​..

NNIT Speaker at ISPE Nordic Affiliate Conference

​​​​​​​​​​​At the 2017 ISPE Nordic Affiliate Conference, NNIT will be represented by Anders Vidstrup, Quality and Security SME. Anders will give his opinion on validations of cloud solutions and how to avoid the pitfalls​. 

The Nordic Affiliate Conference will focus on Serialization and supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry. With the Delegated Act on safety features fast approaching, the conference will address the newest trends within serialization and ​prepare you and your company for compliance with the new regulations. ISPE Nordic have gathered several experts and companies from within the industry who will share their experience with implementation of serialization.

Join a packed event on Serialization in Supply Chain on September 21. For more information and registration, click here.​

Robotics Process Automation

​​​​​​​​​NNIT has the great pleasure of inviting you to our seminar where you will have the opportunity to explore the latest developments within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how to unlock the potential and create a competitive edge for your business.

We have invited the chief evangelist Anand Nagwani from UiPath to Denmark to present how organizations can intelligently optimize how work gets done – by humans working with robots – across the enterprise from a central end-to-end platform. This enables organizations to more effectively automate tasks, streamline processes, increase employee productivity, and ultimately deliver more satisfying customer experiences.

Furthermore, we will present a real-time Robotic Process Automation use case. Software robots are easy to train and they integrate seamlessly into any system.

Enabling Robotic Process Automation to handle any processes will not only transform and streamline your organization's workflow; it will allow for superior scalability and flexibility within the enterprise, doubled by fast, tailored response to specific needs. ​

Join this seminar to learn more about how RPA can improve the work of your organization.

The seminar will take place on the 3rd of October at the NNIT headquarters located at Østmarken 3A, 2860 Søborg.​

Please notice the morning session is full. We offer the same program and speakers starting at 13.00-16.00 the same date October 3.

Both sessions are full - contact

Agenda - Morning session (full)


Registration and breakfast


Welcome by Farakh Bhatti, Director, NNIT


Digital Workforce and Intelligent Automation by Anand Nagwani, VP, Partnerships EMEA, UiPath




Live demonstration by UiPath


From hype to reality: What are the pitfalls, governance and important elements when implementing RPA by Peter Tong, Managing Consultant, NNIT


Networking, sandwiches and thank you for today


Agenda - Afternoon session - (full)




Welcome by Farakh Bhatti, Director, NNIT


Digital Workforce and Intelligent Automation by Anand Nagwani, VP, Partnerships EMEA, UiPath




Live demonstration by UiPath


From hype to reality: What are the pitfalls, governance and important elements when implementing RPA by Peter Tong, Managing Consultant, NNIT


Networking and thank you for today

Webinar: EU GDPR Solution Design

​​Join this webinar to learn how to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment and how to then build a suitable Solution Design based on the outcome.

The enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) the 25th of May 2018 is fast-approaching and all companies working with personal data in the EU will have to comply with a long line of new requirements. They will among others have to be able to document how they store, treat and protect personal data.

NNIT’s EU GDPR Team has great experience with helping clients across industries through the stages in a personal data compliance program incl. mapping of personal data flows and the legal gap analysis. When the first stages have been executed it is necessary to find the best suited technical as well as organizational solutions to minimize the risk of sanctions.

Join this webinar to learn how to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment, and how to then build a suitable Solution Design based on the assessment outcome. We will also share our main findings and experiences from our EU GDPR projects.​​


Introduction to NNIT's EU GDPR Analysis Approach
The EU GDPR 6 Phase Model
Typical Findings from Analysis Projects
NNIT's Solution Approach - NNIT's Roles and Use Cases

Steve Peacock, Consulting Director, NNIT
Mobeen Arif, EU GDPR Solutions Lead, NNIT

November 14th - 3.00 - 3.45 PM CET/9.00 - 9.45 AM EST


If you have any questions, then please contact Nicoline Liu Poulsen at

GDPR Solution Day

​​​​​​The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a current topic that is very hard to avoid. Most organizations are aware at this point of the regulation’s overall requirements, and some are also at a point in their journey where they have already mapped their data flows and identified their gaps to compliance.

The next step along the journey is to find the appropriate solutions to close these gaps. While there are many approaches to this, there are some that are more appropriate than others. This is why NNIT would like to invite you in for a day, where we, together with a line of our business partners, will give you an overview of the most common obstacles as well as the appropriate solutions to your GDPR pains.

The GDPR Solution Day includes a technical track and a governance track in order to make the day as relevant for your role as possible.

Sign up:

The sign up is now closed.

Time & Place:

Wednesday, February 7 - 2018, 8.30-16.00

NNIT, Østmarken 3A, 2860 Søborg


Registration and breakfast
9.00Welcome to GDPR Solution Day
9.15NNIT's GDPR Journey & Data Processor Role
9.45Solving the GDPR Solutions Puzzle
10.45Client Case: Forenede Gruppeliv
​Forenede Gruppeliv​​
 Technical TrackGovernance Track
12.10Locate your Data and Access it SecurelyUndesired Habits can Trip Up your GDPR Implementation
12.45Using the Log Archive to Demonstrate ComplianceConsent Management is a New Opportunity
13.15Access & Governance Transform Personal
Management Solutions for the EnterpriseData Processes with RPA
14.00A Blockchain Approach to Application LoggingTrack and Enforce your Data Policies
NNITData & More
14.30Data Masking test data using Dynamic Data PlatformsGetting Started with your DPO Organization
15.00Networking reception




NNIT’s GDPR Journey & Data Processor Role

NNIT is currently going through the same journey as its customers. In addition, as an IT service provider, NNIT is a data processor on a large scale. In this presentation NNIT’s own GDPR Program Lead will share the status on NNI’s own GDPR Program, our learnings, and explain what our role as a data processor means for us and our customers.

Solving the GDPR Solutions Puzzle

After having identified the gaps to EU GDPR compliance comes the time where you need to select and prioritize the solutions to close the gaps. This is not a simple task and you will find that the solution is not one technology, but that the solutions involve people, processes and technologies. In this presentation you get an overview of the methodology to put together the appropriate solutions puzzle.

Continuous Compliance & Integration

EU GDPR is not a one-time project and it most definitely does not stop on May 25. It is a continuous program that is not only changing the way that we work now, but how we work in the future. How do you ensure continuous compliance and how do you ensure the integration between systems in the future? In this presentation you will learn how to continue with gap analyses also after May 25 and how these will ensure your continuous compliance.


Locate your Data and Access it Securely
by SAS

Learn how to identify, govern and protect personal data in structured and unstructured data repositories. Using SAS allows you to combine machine learning with subject-matter expertise so you can make sense of all your data. Remember, before you can provide the high level of data protection needed to comply with regulations, you first need the ability to locate your data and securely access it.

Using the Log Archive to Demonstrate Compliance
by Logpoint

GDPR requires that organizations can document who did what, when (and why). In this presentation, LogPoint will present how the central log archive can be used as a repository for all logs from e.g. the access management solution, and how compliance can be demonstrated using the dashboards and the reporting functionality within LogPoint.

Access & Governance Management Solutions for the Enterprise
by SailPoint

When it comes to defining your cyber security posture, insider threat is one of the major considerations. The changing face of enterprise IT is blurring the boundary between internal and external users and causing us to reconsider our security paradigms. In addition, new legislations such as GDPR are forcing organisations to understand more about the information being processed by the Business and how this can be better protected.

During the SailPoint session we will offer you visibility of:

The changing landscape of insider threat and how this applies to your environment
SailPoint’s approach and technology features and how they translate into business value
How to leverage identity as the foundation of your cyber security strategy
How SailPoint can assist with addressing elements of GDPR


A Blockchain Approach to Application Logging

The requirements for securing and ensuring high integrity application logs have become a significant challenge with new regulations such as GDPR. Often application logs are logged in simple repositories such as text files or databases, without proper protection from tampering, deletion or confidentiality breaches.
Application Logging Framework (ALF) is a solution that is inspired by Blockchain principles and addresses those key challenges in GDPR and ensures high transparency and security.

Data Masking test data using Dynamic Data Platforms
by Delphix

90% of data in a company are copies used for development, testing, reporting and analytics. Much of this has sensitive information required by the GDPR to mask (anonymise) which is expensive and slow. This presentation will offer insights how Dynamic Data Platforms can automat this process and embed data masking into the delivery of data. Not only can this platform mask all non-production data, but reduce storage costs, speed up the projects and improve quality.


Undesired Habits can Trip Up your GDPR Implementation

Your employee receives an email from a business relation that includes CPR-number, health information and much more. You do not have the legal basis to collect the data due to GDPR, so what does the employee do? If you have acted on this, and the employee has a set of guidelines in place, then you are well on your way. But behavior is an often overseen parameter in change projects such as GDPR. Be inspired on how working with strategic storytelling and behavioral design can help you implement desired behavior to ensure compliance. We will be looking into:

- Using strategic storytelling to deliver communication that focusses on desired behavior
- Using behavioral design principles to map out the barriers to the desired behavior
- Using NNIT change management best practice to deliver measurable change

Consent Management is a New Opportunity
by Informatica

Many organizations are realizing that the capture and management of consent data isn’t that straightforward, but it has some distinct benefits when done properly. Informatica offers Enterprise-wide tools for enacting consent data controls that can provide companies with a great opportunity for organizations acting in the role of Data Controllers and Data Processors to build trust with Data Subjects (the individuals whose data they hold) and become truly customer-citizen- and employee centric.

Transform Personal Data Processes with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to more effectively automate tasks, streamline processes, increase employee productivity, and ultimately deliver more satisfying customer experiences. Enabling RPA to handle any of your personal data processes will not only transform and streamline your organization's workflow; it will allow you to become compliant by minimizing the risk of human error and ultimately also give better customer experience. Explore the latest developments within RPA, and learn how it can help your organization to improve GDPR compliance, and even create a competitive edge for your business.

Track and Enforce your Data Policies
by Data & More
After spending several resources on establishing new ways of working, introduced policies and compliance rules and handled non-compliant data - how do you maintain your level of data compliance in the years to come? How to measure whether your employees are living up to the data guidelines or data policies?  The right GDPR tools can help companies on their journey towards GDPR compliance – and also help them stay compliant. With Data & More’s GDPR Toolbox including the Data Policies module your  organization can monitor GDPR related data and get fact based insight in your employees’ data governance behavior and compliance with your data policies.

Getting Started with your DPO Organization

May 25th is approaching soon and many organizations have to implement a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Depending on the size and complexity of the organization it’s not going to be a one man or woman job, but an organization needs to be built to support the DPO in his/her day-to-day operations. Your organization has probably completed a risk analysis and identified organizational and technical gaps, now to be solved by the organization with the DPO in charge. How do you address this challenge with limited resources, knowledge and a time race? NNIT has years’ of experience in supporting customers’ Compliance Officers by building and implementing governance models. Be inspired with best practices and how to get started with your own DPO organization.

Veeva R&D Summit, Europe

NNIT is exhibiting and presenting at Veeva R&D Summit 2018.

Veeva R&D Summit is an annual gathering of pharma, biotech and medical devices & diagnostics leaders in clinical, regulatory, quality, and IT.​ The agenda will have dedicated tracks focused on driving end-to-end business processes across product development.

Read more about the conference here.

NNIT's Kianoosh Khaksar will be presenting in the Quality track with the presentation: “Data Integrity: A Holistic Approach".

While data quality and data integrity are related, they are independent: you can have one without the other. Increasingly, regulators have a focus on data integrity, latest with MHRA's guidance on GxP data integrity (March 2018), where requirements to data's life cycle are made explicit.

However, requirements to data quality are just as important, but not so explicit - even good practice descriptions like GAMP does not define data quality. Yet, most pharma companies struggle with data quality issues and the consequences may be severe, both in terms of internal complications and regulatory compliance.

This talk will therefore discuss the requirements to data quality as a quality management activity in pharma and the value that it gives. The talk will discuss the considerations of data quality controls such as governance boards as well as the technology elements that enable the company to lift the data quality across the IT systems – and maintain this state.

It will highlight a couple of cases of data with data integrity, but low data quality and vice versa, in order to highlight the differences and how quality management activities best can handle them to support business value and regulatory compliance.

Webinar: Can your company keep up with complex compliance tasks?

Compliance gaps can originate from many different causes. However, the increasing complexity in the IT system landscape and related IT processes have challenged the ability to be in compliance and have a consistent and standardized qualification and validation approach across an organization. Moreover, the complexity has also increased the risk of bottleneck issues regarding quality and  compliance resources, why it can be difficult for life sciences companies to keep up with IT best practices and IT related regulatory requirements and legislation.

In this webinar, Mikael Fenger, Head of Compliance, Test and Validation at NNIT, will address the challenges, share how you through standardization and automation can stay on top of compliance. Moreover, Mikael will share real-life examples of how selected life sciences companies’ have approached the complexity.



Driving standardizations across the organization
Addressing bottleneck issues
Using Robotics to strengthen your compliance processes
NNIT’s experiences and cases


Mikael Fenger, Head of  Compliance, Test and Validation, NNIT

Red Hat Forum

September 3 | Copenhagen

NNIT look forward to meeting you at Red Hat Forum in Copenhagen. Visit our booth for an informal talk about how we can help you enable to DevOps and open source platform.

Join our presentation "How NNIT enable business units using DevOps and container platform" at the Business and solution track at 13.30.

About the conference

Red Hat Forum is the No. 1 premier conference for open innovation technologies and we are proud partners. This all-day event gives you the opportunity to hear how your counterparts in different industries are innovating with open source on their digital transformation journey. It’s also a great way to try out new products.

The event brings together senior executives, IT decision makers and developers from Red Hat and our customers and partners to discuss cloud innovation, devops and containers. In doing so, it opens up some fantastic opportunities for collaboration.

Red Hat Forum was created as a place for questions, a gathering of the curious, an arena of ideas to reinvent what we have and to dream of what we might achieve. Come with questions – leave with ideas. 

Will you be joining us? We hope so. Find the full agenda and register now!

Getting ready for EU MDR

The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR – 2017/745) entered into force in May 2017 and will reach its full implementation in May 2020. 

MDR requires all companies that market devices in the EU must ensure not only compliance, but also an efficient implementation of internal adequate processes, technology and documentation according to the regulation.

The first important step to compliance is  to identify your process and technology gaps, conduct a risk assessment and clarify new necessary documentation.

With NNIT’s deep roots in the Life Sciences domain and vast experience with assisting our clients in their journey to compliance, we have the foundation to help you in your adoption of MDR. NNIT has also developed an EU MDR Assessment Tool, which helps you discover all new relevant MDR initiatives (2017/745) for your organization and thereby avoid redundant work and costs as well as delayed compliance.

Join this webinar to learn more about MDR and the steps to compliance.


- EU MDR - Obstacles and New Requirements

- Approach to Compliance - NNIT's Framework

- EU MDR Readiness Assessment Tool - Demo

- How to Form and Execute your EU MDR Project

- Questions

Speakers: Martin Rother Breyen, Senior Business Consultant, NNIT and Bjarne Wiboe, Subject Matter Expert, NNIT

Time and Date: 3 PM CEST / 3 AM ET, Tuesday October 2, 2018

Click here to sign up

High Tech Summit

Join High Tech Summit and hear various NNIT presentations during the two days. 

NNIT will be present at the summit and facilitate workshops and participate in key notes panels during the two days. 

Below you have the chance to get a sneak peak on what topics we will present

Wednesday October 10, 10.20- Lab as a Thing track, building 101 - M2
"Internet of Me", Massimo Caterino, Principal Consultant, NNIT

The movement from IoT to IoM represents a new business era for the Healthcare and Life Science industry as technology makes a quantum leap and makes it possible to collect and utilize real-time data from humans via connected devices.

Wednesday October 10, 12.45-14.00, Entrepreneurship track, Workshop

"Workshop on how to get started with corporate entrepreneurship - and how to make it stick", Camilla Krabbe Kongsted Christensen, Business Development Consultant, NNIT

Many companies investigate corporate entrepreneurship to increase profit, experiment with radical ideas, stay competitive and to retain talented staff that otherwise may be inclined to leave and create their own startup. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to corporate entrepreneurship and each company has to find their own way of creating a space for entrepreneurial thinking within the organization. Come and listen to how we started our own internal startups in NNIT and get hands-on experience if you are interested in learning more about corporate entrepreneurship. The event is for both small and bigger companies as well as for students who are interested in getting to know more about building an entrepreneurial culture of innovation.

Wednesday October 10, 16.15-17.15, Keynote track 

"Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation as driving forces for growth and job creation", Jens Maagøe, CTO, NNIT

You can read more about NNIT Corporate Entrepreneurship here.

About the event

A unique trade fair and conference!

High Tech Summit is part conference and part exhibition powered by DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Our vision is to create the largest research-based meeting place in Denmark within the fields of digitalization, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The summit takes place over two days in October 2018 and aim to create the perfect environment for companies, start-ups, organisations and universities to meet and present their latest technological developments, debate the most recent discoveries, participate in matchmaking events, and generate ideas.

Registration is free and will open in early September 2018.

24th Annual Validation Week

NNIT is exhibiting and presenting at IVT's 24th Annual Validation Week in San Diego, CA.

About the conference:

Convening validation professionals of all levels for unmatched training, the Validation Week provides a transformative exploration through the world of validation. Build your own conference adventure and trek your way between four unique tracks — Process Validation, Quality, CSV/Data Integrity and Cleaning Validation. Navigate the critical aspects of validation with subject matter expert trailblazers and uncover a wide range of solutions to your organization’s specific challenges. Read more about the conference here...

About the presentation:

Director at NNIT, Raymond McKinney will be giving the presentation: Cutting Costs While Improving Quality in Validation using Robotic Process Automation on the CSV/Data Integrity Track during Validation Week. The presentation agenda consists of:

  • Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Automated software testing using RPA tools
  • Accelerating & error-proofing repetitive tasks using RPA tools
  • Using RPA in regulated environment
  • Live demos and excersices

Learn more:



NNIT Cybersecurity Seminar

As organizations and work processes are being digitalized, a range of vulnerabilities are being exposed. It is a great challenge to handle security incidents and protect oneself against these vulnerabilities. This is especially the case for regulated industries, due to far-reaching consequences following inadequate security measures. 

The main cause of the challenges is typically that the security infrastructure is outdated in comparison to the increasingly sophisticated attacks. On top of that, are the regulations with increasing demands to the people responsible for securing the organization's cyber defense.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the right emergency preparedness in place that can predict when and where the attacks strike, to secure the proper defense and, should the incident occur, make sure the organization is able to continuously function and reestablish inaccessible systems as fast as possible.

Participate in this seminar and learn more about digital defense in a world in transformation.

8.30-9.00 Breakfast & registration

9.00-9.30 Welcome

9.10-9.55 Security in the digital organization, Lars Koch Hviid, Senior Security Architect 

Cloud, IoT, personal data and automation have been some of the focus areas in 2018. This has lead to an increased attention on topics such as AI, machine learning and blockchain. We are aware that the world is undergoing a digital transformation, but how do you make sure that security is part of this transformation?

9.55-10.40 The digital emergency preparation, Christian Dinesen, Ethical Hacker & Senior Security Architect

It's no longer a question of whether hackers are able to enter your organization but rather a question of when. This is why the defense plays a key role in digital security to ensure that breaches will be discovered and dealt with in time. Christian Dinesen shares experiences from NNIT's Cyber Defense Center.

10.40-10.55 Break

10.55-11.40 People, Process, Technology - The three most important elements of a cyber defense. Helge Djernes, CISM

The key to a successful cyber defense is a combination of technological and organizational measures. Helge Djernes have many years of experience helping organizations with uncovering threats, prioritization of security precautions and adaptation of organizational structure and routines.

11.40-11.50 Summary

11.50-12.30 Lunch and Networking

Time and Place: 

Søborg: Thursday, November 1st, 2018 from 8.30-12.30 at Østmarken 3A, 2860 Søborg.

Århus: Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 from 8.30-12.30 at Hedeager 1, 8200 Århus


If you have any questions, contact Nicoline Liu Poulsen at

IDC CxO Direction

Meet NNIT at the conference: 

All companies are in one way or another working with various aspects of digital transformation and innovation. But how and why do you move from small and experimental pilots in the basement to being a full scale digital company. Strategy, processes, culture, technology and partnering will be impacted and are a part of the solution, but how do you succeed. 

At the conference NNIT will present and inspire with the topic Digital at Scale - The Secret Ingredience for Digital Transformation. Brian Troelsen, Business Development Director will present the key findings from NNITs Expectation Barometer 2018, which focused on this important topic. 

3 take away bullets

  • What is the current state of digital at scale for danish companies

  • Why and how are companies moving from smaller pilots to being a fully digital company

  • What are the key challenges and how to overcome them 

About the conference: 

3rd platform technologies have for a long time been a part of the fundament for Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation. At IDC's CxO Direction conference focus will be on the six Innovation Accelerators and their role in boosting digital innovation in danish organisations. These accelerators including Augmented and Virtuel Reality, Next Generation Security 3D Print, IoT and Robotics will be presented regarding how they are a part of generating innovation and business opportunities within danish organisations.

Many inspring speakers will attend the conference 23 january 2019. 

Read more about the conference here

Webinar: Mixed Reality - How can it drive digitalization?

Join this webinar to learn how Mixed Reality is driving digitalization for frontline workers and how it can impact productivity and quality of service. 
NNIT and Virsabi have recently joined forces in a partnership to create fully integrated, cutting edge Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions. 
In the webinar we will introduce the leading technologies within the Mixed Reality space and we will demonstrate how they are bringing value to companies within a wide range of industries.
Studies from GE Healthcare and Boeing show productivity gains of up to 46% and Gartner predicts that Augmented and Mixed Reality will have been adopted by 30% of the large enterprise companies in 2020 as part of their digital transformation strategy.
We will share examples of implementations and show how the quality and efficiency of production, maintenance, support and service can be improved. 
Mixed Reality is a new and rapidly evolving space. As a conclusion to the webinar we will give insights into how enterprises can start investing in solutions and reap the benefits of these technologies through rapid prototyping, proof of concept testing, focused pilots and full scale rollouts. 


Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer, Virsabi 

Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT

Register for the webinar here

Workshop: Hands-on experience on data integrity and validation of computer systems

​NNIT is leading the workshop 'Hands-on experience on Data Integrity and Validation of Computer systems' hosted by Atrium. The workshop puts focus on how you can comply with the requirements for electronic systems in GxP, and how to implement valid IT systems.

The one-day workshop gives a hands-on insight into GxP data integrity that is to ensure that data generated by computerized systems is complete, consistent and accurate. It will go through the regulators’ requirements and discuss how those requirements can be implemented in computerized systems.

Mogens Høgsbro Østergaard, Senior Quality Specialist at NNIT and Doli Tyagi, Senior Consultant at NNIT are course leaders and will take the participants through the following agenda:


    • Review of ALCOA+ and how to interpret principles for computerized systems

    • Examples of warning letters with reference to ALCOA


    • Impact assessment for IT systems

    • Risk assessment for data integrity

    • Risk assessment for data and audit trail review

    • Data lifecycle mapping, with examples from the real systems and how to identify different types of data

    • Risk assessment and IT validation


    • Data management tools

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Companies culture


    • Data integrity problems and issues detection

    • Critical Thinking & Risk based approach

To read more about the workshop and sign up, click here

SAP on Azure

Learn how, why and when to move your SAP system to the cloud!

Key take-aways of seminar 

  • The benefits of SAP in the cloud 
  • First steps of a successful migration project 
  • Common pitfalls – what they are and how to avoid them 
  • Creating continuous value and maintaining secure operations 

SAP systems are among the most critical applications used for sensitive data, but they aren't as scalable and flexible as most enterprises would like. Many companies are now looking to the cloud in order to get a more flexible and scalable setup without having to consider security issues or governance questions. 

In order to secure a good transition from on-premises SAP capabilities to the cloud, it is vital to have a successful migration. Join NNIT's seminar on April 10 to get useful tips on how and when to migrate SAP to Azure, get insights on SAP services in the cloud and live demo on how to run SAP in the cloud.  

We will also have Anders Bonde, Chief Architect Officer from Microsoft who will go through their key learnings from migrating SAP to Azure. 

Register for the seminar here


08:30–09:00Breakfast and registration 
09:00–09:10Welcome by Jens Maagøe, CTO, NNIT 
09:10–09:50NNIT SAP Basis managed services on Azure by John Sander, Director SAP Basis, NNIT. Get useful tips on how to successfully migrate to the cloud and how to avoid common pitfalls. 
09:50–10:20SAP on Azure demo by Søren Jensen & Rune Hald, NNIT 
10:35–11:10Azure by Anders Bonde, Chief Architect Officer, Microsoft. Get insights on how SAP Services work in the cloud and what Cloud economics rule #5 really means. 
11:10–11:30NNIT Azure Managed Service by Jesper Bagh, Director of Cloud Innovation, NNIT. Learn how to effectively maintain your SAP system from a cloud services and governance perspective. 
11:30–11:45Closing remarks by Jens Maagøe, CTO, NNIT 
11:45Lunch and networking



Webinar: Digital at Scale

​Join our webinar on Digital at Scale. Just like schools of fish are far more agile, resistant and fast moving than solitary fish, companies that manage to implement a digital mindset throughout the organization and scale digital initiatives are the ones that prosper. That is why our Expectation Barometer 2019 is all about Digital at Scale. Brian Troelsen, Business Development Director in NNIT presents the results.

You also have the possibility to benchmark your company on Digital at Scale against fellow participants and 10 selected CIOs. The Benchmark Map will show your position on leadership, customers, people & culture, organization & processes and technology - try now 

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TEDx Human Being - Being Human

NNIT was the leading sponsor of the TEDx event: Human Being – Being Human in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. 

In NNIT we are passionate about humans and technology, and the potential to strengthen both business and society, and we strive to deliver results and continuously explore new ways to create value. This is why we are excited about TEDxFrederiksberg focusing on relations between technology, people, culture and how those interact with each other. Looking retrospectively and seeing how much the world has changed in just half a century, what will the world look like in the future for our kids?

Since the beginning, NNIT has been focusing on the customer, close cooperative relations and solutions that make a difference. Today IT affects all of society. New behavior and new technologies are continuously pushing the limit of what is thought "possible". We are convinced that IT, driven consciously and efficient, enables us to reach seemingly unreachable goals, and does not just change business practices but fundamentally change society for the better.

At the event various speakers - all with unique insight from different industries including everything between the business community and the world of research & development – presented ideas and thoughts regarding "humanity" in a digitalized world. The presentations are uploaded below. 

Anne Lise Kjær. Futurist, entrepreneur and media commentator on BBC og CNN.

Anne-Marie Curry. Actress and meditation teacher.

Bettina Ezaki. Part of a danish string quartet known for improvisation.

Bo Hembæk Svensson. IT specialist within blockchain, crypto economy and digital transformation.

Jacob Knobel, founded and sold his first techcompany at the age of 28. 2016 winner of Forbes Under 30. 

Karsten Klintø. Landscape architecht and board member. 

Lars Tvede. Bestselling author and entrepreneur.

Nadia Plesner. Visual artist.

Pavia Lumholt. Plastic surgeon and medtech innovator.

Pia Lauritzen. Danish philosopher.

Søren Ziebe. Professor at Rigshospitalet

Tanja Rothenborg. Relationship theraphist. 

At the event we had the opportunity to interview two of the speakers. 

Jacob Knobel. Founded and sold his first techcompany at the age of 28. 2016 winner of Forbes Under 30

How is being human at work possible when your colleagues are made with artificial intelligence?
What will our society look like when artificial intelligence is everywhere? And what is the potential value?


Bo Hembæk Svensson, IT specialist within blockchain, crypto economy and digital transformation

We had the opportunity to ask speaker Bo Hembæk Svensson a few questions before his talk at TEDx

How does he see blockchain impacting our daily lives right now and what will the future bring?


What is TED Talks and TEDx?

TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "Ideas Worth Spreading". TED arranges two annual conferences and invites the world's leading "thinkers and acters" to speak for 18 minutes or less. These TED Talks have inspired millions of people around the globe – it is in the same spirit that TEDxFrederiksberg lives. TEDx is local, selforganized events, which gathers people around an idea worth spreading, in a TED-like experience.

Read more about the event here

PCS 2019 / 2nd China Pharmaceutical CIO Summit

NNIT is sponsoring the PCS 2019 / 2nd China Pharmaceutical CIO Summit. The overall theme for PCS 2019 is "Reconstruct Digitalization: Unfolding a New Era for Digital Pharma". The event gathers heavyweights from the life sciences industry for an in-depth look at the latest information technologies including cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchains, 5G, IoT, and mobile Internet.

As a sponsor, NNIT will also exchange ideas with guests to discuss new thoughts and ideas in the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, Hao Zhiyang, Manager of Cloud Service, NNIT China, will deliver a keynote speech titled "Lean IT Compliance Operation Under the Cloud Age" at the event. After providing a thorough analysis on the current status of Informatization development in the life sciences sector, he will propose ideas for lean IT compliance and operations that are based on lean management ideas, supported by micro services, and operated on cloud platforms. Through his analysis on the fulfillment of NNIT's pharmaceutical compliance hybrid cloud platform as well as a security system, Hao will outline a future development blueprint for the informatization of life science enterprises with the aim of using advanced technologies and systems to help Chinese life sciences enterprises achieve breakthrough development and take the lead in new developments in international pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Read more about the conference here


Veeva R&D Summit, North America

NNIT is platinum sponsor at the Veeva R&D Summit, US 2019.

We are present to tell how NNIT can accelerate your transformation to a unified platform. NNIT offers five Veeva tailored services to ensure your success in implementing and continuously reaping the benefits of your Veeva platform. We facilitate the process from strategy and advisory to implementation and application support.

Rune Bergendorff, Director of Life Sciences Advisory and Gaurav Anand, AVP Life Sciences Application Services, are presenting: 'Continuous Improvement With a Unified Cloud Platform' at the Vault Platform Track. In this session, we’ll discuss how to transition to a unified Vault platform and leverage these release cycles to maximize your investment and ensure continuous improvements and business support.

Read more about NNIT Veeva Powerhouse here. And feel free to connect with Rune Bergendorff and Gaurav Anand to get more info on the topic.

About the conference

Veeva R&D Summit is an annual gathering of pharma, biotech and medical devices & diagnostics leaders in clinical, regulatory, quality, and IT.​ With more than 65 breakout sessions featuring customer case studies in clinical operations, clinical data management, regulatory, quality, and IT this year will be our most exciting event yet.

Read more about the conference here.


Webinar: ​Digitalize compliance processes in laboratories and accelerate efficiency

Over the years, technology has rapidly evolved leading to digital transformation in the laboratory area. This has resulted in increased complexity of scientific instruments as well as increased compliance expectations from the regulators to the pharmaceutical laboratories. The laboratories are furthermore struggling to ensure efficiency while also managing often time-consuming compliance activities.

Based on prior experience from industry laboratories, this webinar will address how IT and new technologies can accelerate the efficiency of compliance activities in laboratories. The concepts of asset sharing, and automated testing as well as examples of how to work smarter and harmonize business processes across laboratories will be presented.



• Introduction to regulated pharmaceutical laboratories (GMP and GLP)
• Common challenges in pharmaceutical laboratories
• Examples from the industry: moving compliance from paper-based to digital

Our presenters are: Nadia Sara Adjal, Advanced Business Consultant and Mette Torp Thomassen, Business Consultant, Life Sciences, NNIT. 

Seminar: EDI is dead – long live EDI

​EDI, EDIFACT, B2B – successful integration projects has many fathers, but EDI has always been an orphan.

It is quite a challenge to make companies' ERP systems communicate across orders, invoices, transport documents, etc., and many providers offer a variety of solutions.

At this seminar, we will focus on a selection of the solutions and experiences found in the SAP landscape in Denmark.

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  • SAP TPM on PO -  Here, we will do a quick demo of how the Trading Partner Manager works and show you how to set up a new trading partner. Salling Group has agreed to share some of their real-world experiences with the technology.

  • Link from Bizbrains -  In the Microsoft area, Bizbrains has developed a strong suite of tools to help their customers with EDI and B2B communication based on Biztalk. Now, they are converging this into a tool that can work with any middleware. Dennis will present the tools and share insights to the future road map.

  • Dell Boomi -  With Dell Boomi, we have a leading iPaaS that has presented their tool previously at our seminars. Boomi grew out of a B2B background and will showcase their solution on B2B with us.

  • Ariba - The trading network from SAP is a different angle on trading B2B communication wherein SAP will come and share the benefits, functionality, and implementation effort.

  • VANs discussion - Why do it yourself when there are so many professional service providers with promises of greatness and smooth integrations out there? We encourage an open discussion on the pros, cons, and experiences from the VANs providers. 



Date & Place


Thursday 5 September 2019, 08:30 - 13.00 at Comwell Aarhus,
Værkmestergade 2, 8000 Aarhus.

Thursday 19 September 2019, 08:30 - 13.00 at NNIT,
Østmarken 3a, 2860 Søborg

Seminar: From idea to full ignition

Join our seminar – From idea to full ignition, and get insights on how you can go from exploration of an idea to running continuously in a DevOps setup. 

Key take-aways from the seminar:

  • Explore your ideas before developing it – we will answer, what, why and how.

  • Design thinking, what is it and how can you use it to generate concepts that match's your customer's needs and solve the challenges you're struggling with

  • How to successfully implement agile in your organization to gain full benefit from your digital transformation

  • How to implement continuous integration and continuously delivery automates the build and release pipeline. 

  • How to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery via automation and thereby gain fast time to market

  • Customer case – Novo Nordisk's experience with Design Thinking workshop

In today's competitive environment it is more important than ever to launch the right products and ideas to match's your customer's needs.

By carefully exploring the business opportunities in an idea via Design Thinking workshops are one way to test new ideas and get useful insights by creating simple concepts as well as early prototypes that can be tested.

Another aspect that many companies currently are looking for is how to successfully implement agile in an organization to gain full benefit from digital transformation. In this seminar, NNIT will present the typical challenges you will face when you embark on the agile journey and methodologies.

Modern products tend to change rapidly, Continuous integration and Continuous delivery (DevOps) is the optimal way to support this by automating processes between software development and operation. This enables an agile product team to build, test and release software fast in high quality - we will demonstrate how this can be done.

Lastly, Novo Nordisk will co-present with NNIT on their experiences on a design thinking workshop. 


08:30 - 09:00      Breakfast and registration

09:00 - 09:10      Welcome by Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT

09:10 - 10:20      How to explore ideas and use design thinking                             
                             by Jesper Sørensen, Senior UX specialist,  NNIT 
                             & Customer Case - Novo Nordisk by JesperKjær,              
Manager, Novo Nordisk

10:20 - 10:35      Break

10:35 - 11:10      Agile as part of your Digital Transformation by                                                               Kristina Ernstsen, Managing Consultant, NNIT

11:10 - 11:40      DevOps by Mathias Blichert Christensen, Manager,NNIT

11.40 - 11.45      Closing remarks by Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT
11.45 -                 Lunch and networking